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Our Catamarans

Here are our Voyage 500 catamarans, "Impromptu", and "Infinity" anchored offshore.  They are beautiful inside and out, and ready to take you on the vacation of a lifetime!

Barefoot Cay

This an aerial view of the Barefoot Cay Resort and Marina where our catamarans are docked.  They have luxurious accommodations, and a full service PADI dive shop.

Impromptu Salon

This is the salon on "Impromptu".  In addition to the comfortable settee and coffee table, there is also a flat screen TV, a DVD player, and a satellite radio for your relaxation and enjoyment.

West Bay Beach

West Bay Beach is the most popular beach on Roatan and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.  We can take you there on our catamarans and treat you to an open bar and snacks while under sail!


A popular place for guests to hang out with an adult beverage are on the trampolines on the bow of the catamarans.  Guests can grab some pillows and get a good tan, or in the evening enjoy the stars and maybe a rising moon.

Food and Snacks

Our hostess/chef on board will treat you royally!  She will prepare scrumptious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals every day.  In addition, snacks and drinks will be served throughout the day. 

Reef View

This is Barefoot Cay offshore from the reef with beautiful foliage covered hills in the background.  The resort is just a short four miles east of the Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport.

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Vacation Planning

We can recommend or book your accommodations, dive trips, mainland tours, fishing trips, and even your commuter flights.  Call us at 1-800-244-7774.  We are here to help make your vacation on Ambergris Caye a special and memorable experience!

Protect Our Reefs

We discourage our guests from touching or disturbing the reef coral or any wildlife on their dives.  We value our reef and our wildlife, and want to do everything we can to protect this very special dive and vacation destination.  So ... don't touch our stuff!

Our Dive Trips

We offer the best dive trips on the island.  Our local reef dives and our dive trips to the atolls are lead by the best divemasters on the island.  They are committed to showing you the beauty down under.  Plus, they are a whole lot of fun!  Check out our dive trips here!

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Trip Advisor

Ecologic Divers

Blue Attitude

Visit our Ecologic Divers web site for the best dive shop on Ambergris Caye, Belize.  We specialize in small groups and a valet quality diving and snorkeling experience unmatched on the island!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I expect on my sailing charter?
  2. What do I need to bring on my live aboard charter?
  3. Are your catamarans clean and well maintained?
  4. Will I be safe aboard your catamarans?
  5. Once onshore, is Roatan a safe place?
  6. How do I get to Roatan, Honduras?
  7. Where are your catamarans located?
  8. What kinds of charters do you offer?
  9. How good is the diving and snorkeling?
  10. What is the official language of Honduras?
  11. What about using cash and credit cards?
  12. Can I safely drink the water?

What can I expect on my live aboard charter?

The Bay Islands of Honduras are comprised of the islands of Roatan, Utila, Guanaja, and Cayos Cochinos.  All the islands are surrounded by reefs, part of the Mesoamerican Reef System.  Inside the reefs are bays and still waters where we anchor for the night.

You will travel aboard our two Voyage 500 50 foot catamarans which are fully outfitted including cabins with queen size berths, en-suite heads, galley with refrigeration, air conditioning, television with an assortment of movies, and limited Internet access.

We will sail the waters of Roatan anchoring at night in one of the many bays where the waters are calm with little wave action, or even sail to the other Bay Islands, maybe in search of whale sharks which are often seen in the seas around Utila.

Our yachts have a large hard top canopy for all day protection from the sun, and most all our meals will be served around a large table under this canopy.  We will have a hostess/chef aboard to serve meals that meet your dietary requirements.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are generally served, but will be modified to the guest's tastes and requests.  Snacks and drinks will also be served throughout the day and evening.

On clear nights you can open the hatch above your berth, and enjoy the cool breezes.  In the event of inclement weather, we can turn on the air conditioning.

We will plan your charter to meet your specific interests whether they be sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing or simply kicking back and relaxing.  Our guests are allowed considerable lattitude to assure an exciting, fun filled vacation experience!

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What do I need to bring on my live aboard charter?

Basically, not much...  Pack as lightly as possible as storage space is very limited in your cabin.  We recommend you pack your belongings in soft sided, collapsible luggage or duffel bags -- no hard sided luggage!  Life aboard is very casual with everyone wearing swimming suits, shorts, t-shirts, and cover-ups.   Unless your shoes are brand new with light colored soft soles, no shoes are worn on board in order to keep the boat cleaner and to minimize scratching the decks.   When going ashore, sandals or flip-flops are generally worn.  Some like to wear a light weight jacket or windbreaker in the evenings.

Beyond this, bring the usual assortment of hats, sun glasses, sun screen, toiletry items including soap and shampoo, prescription medicines and so forth that you would normally take on a vacation to the beach.  We do provide soap and shampoo if you are not picky.  If you are prone to motion or sea sickness, bring medicines that alleviate this problem for you.  Do not bring towels as they are provided on board.  Make sure you bring your camera!

Hair dryers are provided on board; however, inform the crew when you get ready to use one so we can turn on the generator or inverter -- a 115 VAC socket is available beside each berth.

If you snorkel or scuba dive, masks, snorkels, fins, and complete dive gear will be provided.  If you bring your own dive gear, dive weights, weight belts and tanks will be provided.

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Are your catamarans clean and well maintained?

We take great pride in the condition of our yachts.  We have a maintenance program that keeps our yachts in tip top shape which includes staff assigned to clean and maintain our boats on a full time, continuous basis.

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Will I be safe aboard your yachts?

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our guests, and being aboard our yachts is generally very safe.  However, being careful and using common sense will go a long way in making it even safer for you.

Before departing, the crew will have a safety session.  They will inform you of the location of life jackets, fire extinguishers, what to do in case of a man overboard, and so forth.

Sometimes when under way there can be considerable wave action and subsequent deck pitching, so it is very important to always have at least one hand on the yacht.  Hand rails can be found throughout the yacht, both inside and out.

The cabin berths are about four feet above the floor with three steep steps up.   There is a hand rail on the ceiling which makes it much easier to navigate the steps, especially when getting out of the berth at night.

When under way, make absolutely sure your cabin's hatches are latched shut; otherwise your cabin and your belongings may get soaked.

Because smoking can be dangerous aboard, there is no smoking allowed except on the "sugar scoops", the steps on the stern of the yacht.

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Once onshore, is Roatan a safe place?

Roatan is generally considered to be very safe.  There are areas which you should avoid at night time, but that’s true in every major city.  The West End and West Bay are very safe day and night.  Sandy Bay is pretty spread out, so it really depends where you are.  Coxen hole and Flowers Bay are fine during the day but can be a little sketchy late night.

A lot of the negative stereotypes come from the mainland of Honduras which has a high crime rate.  This is not Roatan!  It is like comparing South Chicago to Hawaii.  The island is its own microcosm, and not affected by it.  Roatan does have its social issues, so try not to be too flashy.  There is a crime season which stretches from late September to late November.  This also coincides with the rainy season in Roatan, and when the cruise ship visits slow.  As money gets a little tight, crime shoots up, but drops just as quickly when business comes back in November and December.

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How do I get to Roatan, Honduras?

To get to Roatan, you will need to fly into Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (RTB).   Major airlines including United, Delta and American have daily flights from the United States.  It is a short two and a half hour flight from either Houston or Miami.

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Where are your catamarans located?

Our 50' Voyage 500 catamarans are located at the Barefoot Cay Resort and Marina which is located four miles east of the international airport on Careterra Principal, the main paved road on Roatan.

Our yachts are available for day trips, evening trips and term charters.  Our day trips can include diving and snorkeling, and our evening trips can include sunset dinner or "happy hour" cruises.  Our term charters can be from three days to a week or more of sailing the beautiful Honduras Bay Islands.

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What kinds of charters do you offer?

Our yachts are available for day trips, evening trips and term charters.  Our day trips can include diving and snorkeling, and our evening trips can include sunset dinner or "happy hour" cruises.  Our term charters can be from three days to a week or more of sailing the beautiful Honduras Bay Islands.

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How good is the diving and snorkeling?

As part of the Mesoamerican Reef System, the Bay islands of Honduras offer access to some of the finest diving and snorkeling in the world!  The reefs around the islands are teeming beautiful coral and wildlife.  The waters are pristine with visibility generally in the 80 foot range, and sometimes much as 150 feet.

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Isn't Roatan a long way from the United States?

Roatan is a short two and a half hour flight from Houston or Miami, and is closer than the Virgin Islands or other islands in the Eastern Caribbean.

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What is the official language of Honduras?

The official language of Honduras is Spanish; however because of the large expat community on the island, most establishments have English speaking people on staff.

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What about using cash and credit cards?

U.S. dollars are widely accepted on Roatan.  It is recommended that you bring small denomination bills as venders cannot always come up with correct change in U.S. dollars.  The local exchange rate is around 20 Lempira to one U.S. dollar.  Credit cards can be used in most businesses.  There is a 5% to 16% difference between using cash and the credit card fees assessed each time you use your card.  Your bank may also attach a fee to convert the charge from lempiras to dollars.  Banks and establishments on Roatan have gotten very picky about the U.S. bills they will accept.  They do not like bills to be torn, written on or otherwise marred in any way.  As such, bring only new, crisp bills.

Travelers checks can be used in most established businesses.  Be aware that if your signature is not an exact match on both lines, the vendor may not accept them.   The banks here are very particular about the criteria for accepting them as if they are ripped or badly bent, they will not be accepted.  It is recommended you use American Express Travelers Cheques as they are the most widely accepted on Roatan.

There are a few ATM machines on Roatan island though there is never a guarantee that they will be stocked with cash.  Most charge a credit card fee of 5% to 8% to withdraw cash.

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Can I safely drink the water?

Tap water on Roatan cannot be guaranteed to be potable.  As such, we recommend you drink readily available purified or bottled water.  We stock bottled water on all our charters.  No use in taking a chance.

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